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SO. Gandrayda is a shape shifter. If she touches you, she can turn into you, use your powers and your weaknesses.

I realize this is very powerful, however nothing will be done without player permission. Hence this permission / plot post! This is along with me just asking you normally, of course. Like I said, I don't want to step over any toes. If anything happens you are not happy with, please tell me.

Name: Your character's Name. This is so it is easier for me to know who it is.
Shape Shifting: Are you okay with Gandrayda turning into your character? This is done when they talk with her, for the most part.
Limits: Anything you don't want Gandrayda to do in that form. Like pretend to be Falcon and rob a bank, or dancing naked at a protest or anything else.

PLOT!: This is to be filled out everytime you have a plot idea that would involve Gandrayda pretending to be someone else. She is mischievous, so it wouldn't take too much goading to get her to do things or if you want her to do a thing. If you already filled out the previous post, just post a new tag with PLOT and it will be fine as well.

03 - In which Gandrayda asks for your help as she ponders life, the universe, and everything.
Tee hee!
I'm rather curious...since there seems to be a lot of Pokemon, Koopas, Robots, Sentient Artificial intelligence and other non-humanoids, are you all from this world, or is this a case like me were you just happened to crash land on it. If so, what is your world like? The question is asked to the humanoids as well. I noticed some of you mentioned coming from much farther in the past or from the future. Never heard of a place quite like here before that gets so many anomalies in one single place.

It's been fun so far!

I don't understand all this talk about magic either. A lot of you seem to claim that you know how to use it, but really, it could be argued that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I suppose that's where it gets complicated, hmmm?

02 - Gandrayda cares? Kinda?
Oh my gooooood
The food was poisoned?

While I'm glad I don't eat seems awfully disappointing to know half of you will be gone by tomorrow.

[Private to Sammy]
I'm going to smash everything to get to those vials and see if I can reproduce them in some way. You in?

01 - Intro
Well I figure if I'm going to live here for a while, I might as well introduce myself formally. Otherwise I'd be terribly impolite, eh Sammy?

Name's Gandrayda. I'm a bounty hunter and from space, even if that one guy with the spiky hairdo didn't believe me and called me Ditto. So I looked that up in the archives of the school, and sorry to disappoint you, honey, but while they do sound like our kind, we're much better at shapeshifting than they are. A lot better.

Oh yeah, I should mention that. I'm a shapeshifter. Normally I wouldn't even bother telling you since that's part of my charm, but it's so much fun to see your reactions. Besides, I doubt there are Space Pirates here with Sammy around. So...I'll be a college student and a Teacher's Assistant while things hopefully get more interesting.

What do you guys do for fun around here?

00 - P-p-poker Face
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